Black August

#EchoBlackvoices - Black August event, 2024

Save the Date: August 21, 2024

You’re invited to an evening with the Southern CA Black Worker Hub


Honoring Black August

Join us Wednesday, August 21st, 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM in recognition of Black Worker Power in Southern CA as we celebrate collective organizing for Black Worker Education and Engagement around worker rights. Come see the unveiling of the 2024 #EchoBlackVoices Docu-Series and the results of the SoCal Survey on the current state of Black workers in the SoCal region.

We’re honoring Black August with family, friends and a host of special guests. Black August is a month to reflect, honor, and acknowledge our ancestors, freedom fighters of the Black Liberation Movement. Each year, Black August calls for the release of political prisoners, condemn the oppressive conditions of the U.S. prison system, and to emphasize the continued importance of the Black Liberation struggle.

Come join the SoCal Black Worker Hub family and partners with music, food, drinks, Black resiliency, Joy, and a good time! Stay tuned for information on registration and more.

About Black August


Black August is an acknowledgment and commemoration of the countless organizers, activists, and freedom fighters who have sacrificed their freedom and lives in the struggle for Black liberation.



Black August, observed each August, originated in California prisons during the 1970s by Black freedom fighters to commemorate the lives and deaths of Black political prisoners, raise awareness about prison conditions, and honor the radical tradition of Black resistance against systemic oppression and anti-Black state violence.



The principles of Black August are: “study, fast, train, fight.” To participate in Black August on a deeper level, consider committing to higher levels of discipline throughout the month. This can include fasting from food and drink, frequent physical exercise, and political study and engagement in political struggle.



Black workers have been building worker power one generation after the next. On February 12, 1968, 1,300 Black sanitation workers in Memphis went on strike for better pay and working conditions, marking one of the early fights for Black worker justice. Martin Luther King Jr. joined their strike, delivering his final speech “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop.” Black August remembers the lives of those working to liberate Black struggle, honor Freedom Fighters, and highlight the ongoing need to build worker power and continue to honor those who have fought for racial and economic justice.


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PARTNER toolkit


Please help amplify and “echo” Black voices by using this communications toolkit we’ve created for you, to make it easy to promote our remaining 2024 CWOP initiatives, including the upcoming #EchoBlackVoices Black August event on August 21st.


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#EchoBlackvoices - Build Black Worker Power

Build Black Worker Power with Us

In 2024, the Southern California Black Worker Hub launched the CA Worker Outreach Project (CWOP 4.0) in collaboration with our regional Black Worker Centers and partners effort to listen, engage, educate, and empower Black workers by organizing around worker rights labor laws, wellness at work and other protections throughout the year. #EchoBlackVoices is a Black Worker Power Building campaign to support collective Black Worker outreach, education, and engagement through the statewide CWOP program, intended for all Black workers.