Black worker survey

#EchoBlackvoices - black worker survey, 2024

In partnership with UCLA Center for Advancement of Racial Equity (CARE) at Work, we invite Black workers in SoCal to share their experiences as a Black worker and their contribution to the workforce and economy overall.

Black workers have borne the brunt of the increasing racial inequities in healthcare, job safety, employment opportunities, and access to relief programs for too long! But the impacts of this reach beyond just Black community, and into the economy as a whole. A study found that the wealth gap between American whites and Blacks is projected to cost the US economy between $1 trillion and $1.5 trillion in lost consumption and investment between 2019 and 2028!

This brief 5-10 minute survey will allow us to tell the story of how anti-Blackness may hinder the Southern California workforce and economy through the voices and realities of Black SoCal workers.

Stand with Black workers and take the survey today.